We are a law firm jointly established in October 2018 by lawyer Nobuhito Koike, who has dealt with various corporate scandals, and Yusuke Kashiwagi, a lawyer who specializes in antitrust law.

 Koike began his career as a private office after working for nine years at a law firm whose main business was corporate legal affairs. Until now, he has been in charge of various corporate scandals and compliance issues, as well as corporate law, litigation (civil, commercial, criminal), centered on company law, corporate governance, commercial law, civil law, antitrust law, labor law, bankruptcy (bankruptcy trustee, bankruptcy procedure/special liquidation petition, dealing with bankruptcy of business partner, etc.), real estate transaction, department store/hotel/maker related, sports/entertainment field, medical law and complicated large-scale inheritance/leasehold dispute, etc. He is good at general civil affairs.

 After studying mainly in litigation, Kashiwagi worked for 4 years as a chief investigator for the Japan Fair Trade Commission, playing a central role in serious cases such as Microsoft cases(Unfair Trade Practices) and Nipro cases(Private Monopolisation), as well as numerous cartel and rigging cases. Also as a lawyer for the first time, he worked for the  Japan Fair Trade Commission/Business Combination Division (jointly appointed with the Investigation Bureau) and was in charge of legal revision of Chapter 4 (Business Combination Regulation) of the Antimonopoly Act for one year. In addition to negotiating with the Cabinet Legislation Bureau, he was in charge of reviewing important M&A/business combination cases. After that, he worked for a large-scale law firm for 10 years (7 years as a partner), and was in charge of international cartel, domestic cartel/rigging, private monopolisation, unfair trade practices, M&A/business combination cases . In addition, he is giving practical advice  regarding large and small consultations related to Antimonopoly Law(antitrust law, competition law), the Act against unjustifiable premiums and misleading representation, overseas competition law, crossing fields of antitrust law and intellectual property law (license, patent pool, consortium, FRAND), etc. 

 Our firm's basic philosophy is to provide high-quality legal services by cooperating with and complementing each lawyer on a daily basis.


事務所名 小池・柏木総合法律事務所 (KOIKE&KASHIWAGI LAW OFFICE)
代表 小池 信人(Nobuhito Koike)  柏木 裕介(Yusuke Kashiwagi)
所在地 〒103-0027 東京都中央区日本橋3-8-16 ぶよおビル 8階
TEL 03-6910-3987
FAX 03-6910-3988
E-mail 【小池 信人】nkoike@ksogolaw.jp
【柏木 裕介】ykashiwagi@ksogolaw.jp


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